Phil's Progression


Phil's Progression - Painting with Light

One of my favourite collaborations is with another creative artist, Phil Dynan.  In this piece of Light Painting, I explore my fascination with the evolution of his artwork.  It gives me ideas, and I find myself coming up with new ones based on his ideas, and I find a good collaboration is not the sum of its parts but a multiplication.  So my Light Paintings led me to interact with Phil's Art in a new way, the trick was to freeze a fragment of the crispness of the painting and pull forward the patterns while creating motion trails of my interaction with the light reflection through this painting and dancing with it in camera.

Creating stripes with his park path patterns, tickled my funny bone, as it is very Phil to have stripes, triangles, spots and other patterns described in bright colours and crisp black and white.  So, to me, to pull stripes with his paint pattern made this shot one of my favourite dances with light as a painting medium.  And once again he includes me in a collaborative project that leads to ripples of benefits to flow forward with round the craggy mountain challenges we all face as a connected earth and we share as best we can with you.