Cats & Dogs

Palomino Eyed - Photo by Anastasia Nelson

Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs can be friends sharing the same plank.  Leaning the same way.  Frida and Sheba grew up together.  Curled in fur balls of yang and yang in a basket or out on their hillside they still enjoy each others company many years from kitten and puppy play.

They explore together and rub their greetings of joy upon each other.  Here they have spied another furry friend and are studying them before deciding to join in the group play in a multi levelled oaken playground.  Both have their rescue stories and now they come to pampered living of the classic kitty kitty calling.  No one told them they should fight like cats and dogs, so they don't.  They play and play.  And rest and rest. And sometimes they go after gophers and grasshoppers.

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