Happy Donkey

Palomino Eyed - Photo by Anastasia Nelson

Happy Donkey

Part of a collaborative series of Barnyard Animals Paintings created with artist Phil Dynan.  We have been passing paintings back and forth for more than 15 years of collaborative projects.  Including many years of San Francisco Marathon Poster designs, Tahoe Marathon, Tucson Marathon, San Diego Marathon, California International Marathon, and many more running events.  Plus we have collaborated on many series of paintings, plus book publications and so much more from our productive artistic partnership.  When we collaborate we come up with ideas on the ideas and I find that it is not a sum of the artistic minds, but a multiplication in which our delight and drive to create is amplified.

The Animal Barnyard series is one of the most fun series and most widely received with genuine delight that we have ever worked on.  And it is also one of the series that most incorporates our favourite styles to work in.  And it happened that this series originated with our love of animals.  Every animal is the series is known to us somehow.  They are generally rescues, special pets and friends creatures. 

Nuggie, aka Nuggoro, is named for a Mediterranean place known for its artists.  This one is known for his intelligent and ironic sense of humour.  He finds it funny to help you descend the hill or hold his head for hugs and make his own chuckling sounds.  He also finds a fresh trough of water very amusing as he can see his goldfish go round.  So snorts and bubbles and back to patrolling over a steep fire break for fun, fodder and function.  Along with the gift of laughter and deep warm hugs, he enjoys braying trumpets of pleasure.

The original painting is part of a corporate real estate companies collection.  They have also ordered many T-shirts to share his enjoyment and health benefits with other humourists.

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