Dream on Ghost Ranch

ByMoonSun - watercolour by Ana Nelson

Dream on Ghost Ranch

Dream on Ghost Ranch is inspired by a trip to New Mexico.   It was created while painting into the night with perfect moonlight.  Fresh rain soaked air and a dream range walking with Georgia O'Keeffe's Ghost on the ranch where she loved to paint.  My favourite flowing watercolours remind me of the feeling of being in a living dream filled with inspirational ghosts of generations.  The group I was painting with was well composed and led by the generous and talented artist Jan Hart, and hosted by the ghosts of Georgia and friends.  The day painting group did express a desire to take away my paints, after morning gatherings, where it was found I had painted through the night again.  Precious painting time in the zone with right elemental weather, landscape, people and past.  How could I put sleep first?

This painting sediments and stains in all the sweetest ways, a result of a particular set of circumstances, never to be exactly the same again.  Fingers of colour flickered and flowed with a special energy.  A lucid dream of hypnagogic translucence enveloped me.  The taste of the air melted into the colours like magic in the perfect moment's tingles of triumph together, elemental flow of love.  All of the ingredients, artists, weather, place and so much more contributed the perfect storm for dream painting.  And how sweet it is printed up huge on watercolour paper.  Big enough to become absorbed fully in the view and share in the energy and connect to your inspiration too.  The change in printing technology during our artistic lifetime is dramatic and making a marked difference to the quality and affordability of sharing art.  And often making the best way for me to remember and re-experience an original painting after it is sold on to a new home.  Instead of a snapshot, sketch, or study we have a print that feels of the original painting.  Love this!

Anyway, we put Dream on Ghost Ranch up big so you can see the washes, and without watermark or big signatures, just my usual embedded symbolism.  Of course the images on this web site are copyright by me, Anastasia Nelson, and not to reproduced or taken without written permission. The idea is for you to get the feel of it with a large version, though it is a fraction of the size we print from.  If you wish to use it, please ask, we are amenable to reasonable requests for license on sliding scales depending on usage and for purchasing prints.   We need all the support and help we can get with all our artistic endeavours and animal rescues.  And we like to reward those who support us handsomely.  We appreciate all positive contributions and work to make a positive one to you and yours too.

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